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public final class: FontDesignMetrics [javadoc | source]

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static final  long serialVersionUID     
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charWidth,   charWidth,   charsWidth,   getAscent,   getDescent,   getFontRenderContext,   getHeight,   getLeading,   getMaxAdvance,   getMetrics,   getMetrics,   getWidths,   stringWidth
Methods from java.awt.FontMetrics:
bytesWidth,   charWidth,   charWidth,   charsWidth,   getAscent,   getDescent,   getFont,   getFontRenderContext,   getHeight,   getLeading,   getLineMetrics,   getLineMetrics,   getLineMetrics,   getLineMetrics,   getMaxAdvance,   getMaxAscent,   getMaxCharBounds,   getMaxDecent,   getMaxDescent,   getStringBounds,   getStringBounds,   getStringBounds,   getStringBounds,   getWidths,   hasUniformLineMetrics,   stringWidth,   toString
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Method from sun.font.FontDesignMetrics Detail:
 public int charWidth(char ch) 
 public int charWidth(int ch) 
 public int charsWidth(char[] data,
    int off,
    int len) 
 public int getAscent() 
 public int getDescent() 
 public FontRenderContext getFontRenderContext() 
 public int getHeight() 
 public int getLeading() 
 public int getMaxAdvance() 
 public static FontDesignMetrics getMetrics(Font font) 
 public static FontDesignMetrics getMetrics(Font font,
    FontRenderContext frc) 
 public int[] getWidths() 
    Gets the advance widths of the first 256 characters in the Font. The advance is the distance from the leftmost point to the rightmost point on the character's baseline. Note that the advance of a String is not necessarily the sum of the advances of its characters.
 public int stringWidth(String str)