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Decoration.Label   This interface is implemented by clients that use Decoration.  code | html
FontManager   Interface between Java Fonts (java.awt.Font) and the underlying font files/native font resources and the Java and native font scalers.  code | html
FontManagerForSGE   This is an extension of the FontManager interface which has to be implemented on systems that want to use SunGraphicsEnvironment.  code | html
GlyphDisposedListener     code | html
GlyphLayout.LayoutEngine     code | html
GlyphLayout.LayoutEngineFactory     code | html
StrikeCache.DisposableStrike     code | html
TextLineComponent     code | html

Abstract Classes:

CMap     code | html
CharToGlyphMapper     code | html
ExtendedTextLabel   An extension of TextLabel that maintains information about characters.  code | html
FileFont     code | html
Font2D     code | html
FontAccess     code | html
FontScaler     code | html
FontStrike     code | html
LayoutPathImpl     code | html
PhysicalFont     code | html
PhysicalStrike     code | html
SunFontManager   The base implementation of the FontManager interface.  code | html
TextLabel   A label.  code | html
TextSource   A text source represents text for rendering, plus context information.  code | html
Underline   This class provides drawing and bounds-measurement of underlines.  code | html


EAttribute     code | html
LayoutPathImpl.EndType   Indicate how positions past the start and limit of the path are treated.  code | html
AttributeMap     code | html
AttributeValues     code | html
BidiUtils     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat0     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat10     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat12     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat2     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat4     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat6     code | html
CMap.CMapFormat8     code | html
CMap.NullCMapClass     code | html
CompositeFont     code | html
CompositeFontDescriptor   Encapsulates the information that 2D needs to create a composite font, the runtime representation of a logical font.  code | html
CompositeGlyphMapper     code | html
CompositeStrike     code | html
CoreMetrics     code | html
CreatedFontTracker     code | html
Decoration   This class handles underlining, strikethrough, and foreground and background styles on text.  code | html
Decoration.DecorationImpl     code | html
DelegatingShape   To avoid people downcasting Shape to a known mutable subclass and mucking with its internals, we need to interpose a subclass that cannot be mutated or downcasted.  code | html
ExtendedTextSourceLabel   Default implementation of ExtendedTextLabel.  code | html
FcFontConfiguration     code | html
FileFont.CreatedFontFileDisposerRecord     code | html
FileFontStrike     code | html
Font2DHandle     code | html
FontConfigManager   Small utility class to manage FontConfig.  code | html
FontConfigManager.FcCompFont     code | html
FontConfigManager.FontConfigFont     code | html
FontConfigManager.FontConfigInfo     code | html
FontDesignMetrics     code | html
FontDesignMetrics.KeyReference     code | html
FontDesignMetrics.MetricsKey     code | html
FontFamily     code | html
FontLineMetrics   Metrics from a font for layout of characters along a line and layout of set of lines.  code | html
FontManagerFactory   Factory class used to retrieve a valid FontManager instance for the current platform.  code | html
FontManagerNativeLibrary     code | html
FontResolver   This class maps an individual character to a Font family which can display it.  code | html
FontRunIterator   Iterates over runs of fonts in a CompositeFont, optionally taking script runs into account.  code | html
FontScalerException     code | html
FontStrikeDesc     code | html
FontStrikeDisposer     code | html
FontUtilities   A collection of utility methods.  code | html
FreetypeFontScaler     code | html
GlyphLayout     code | html
GlyphLayout.EngineRecord   Utility class to keep track of script runs, which may have to be reordered rtl when we're finished.  code | html
GlyphLayout.GVData   Storage for layout to build glyph vector data, then generate a real GlyphVector  code | html
GlyphLayout.LayoutEngineKey     code | html
GlyphLayout.SDCache     code | html
GlyphLayout.SDCache.SDKey     code | html
GlyphList     code | html
GraphicComponent     code | html
LayoutPathImpl.EmptyPath     code | html
LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPath   Represents a path built from segments.  code | html
LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPath.LineInfo   This represents a line segment from the iterator.  code | html
LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPath.Mapper     code | html
LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPath.Segment   Each segment will construct its own general path, mapping the provided lines into its own simple space.  code | html
LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPathBuilder   Use to build a SegmentPath.  code | html
NativeFont     code | html
NativeGlyphMapper     code | html
NativeStrike     code | html
NativeStrikeDisposer     code | html
NullFontScaler     code | html
Script     code | html
ScriptRun   ScriptRun is used to find runs of characters in the same script, as defined in the Script class.  code | html
ScriptRunData     code | html
StandardGlyphVector   Standard implementation of GlyphVector used by Font, GlyphList, and SunGraphics2D.  code | html
StandardGlyphVector.ADL     code | html
StandardGlyphVector.GlyphStrike     code | html
StandardGlyphVector.GlyphTransformInfo     code | html
StandardTextSource     code | html
StrikeCache   A FontStrike is the keeper of scaled glyph image data which is expensive to compute so needs to be cached.  code | html
StrikeCache.SoftDisposerRef     code | html
StrikeCache.WeakDisposerRef     code | html
StrikeMetrics     code | html
SunFontManager.FamilyDescription     code | html
SunFontManager.FontRegistrationInfo     code | html
SunFontManager.T1Filter     code | html
SunFontManager.TTFilter     code | html
SunFontManager.TTorT1Filter     code | html
SunLayoutEngine     code | html
TextLabelFactory   A factory for text labels.  code | html
TextRecord   Represents a region of text and context  code | html
TextSourceLabel   Implementation of TextLabel based on String.  code | html
TrueTypeFont   TrueTypeFont is not called SFntFont because it is not expected to handle all types that may be housed in a such a font file.  code | html
TrueTypeFont.DirectoryEntry     code | html
TrueTypeFont.TTDisposerRecord     code | html
TrueTypeGlyphMapper     code | html
Type1Font     code | html
Type1Font.T1DisposerRecord     code | html
Type1GlyphMapper     code | html
Underline.IMGrayUnderline     code | html
Underline.StandardUnderline     code | html
X11TextRenderer   A delegate pipe of SG2D for drawing text with a solid source colour to an X11 drawable destination.  code | html
X11TextRenderer.Tracer     code | html
XMap     code | html
XRGlyphCache   Glyph cache used by the XRender pipeline.  code | html
XRGlyphCacheEntry   Stores glyph-related data, used in the pure-java glyphcache.  code | html
XRTextRenderer   A delegate pipe of SG2D for drawing any text to a XRender surface  code | html