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public class: LCMSTransform [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

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Field Summary
 long ID     
 ICC_Profile[] profiles     
 long[] profileIDs     
 int renderType     
 int transformType     
 public LCMSTransform(ColorTransform[] transforms) 
 public LCMSTransform(ICC_Profile profile,
    int renderType,
    int transformType) 
Method from sun.java2d.cmm.lcms.LCMSTransform Summary:
colorConvert,   colorConvert,   colorConvert,   colorConvert,   colorConvert,   getNumInComponents,   getNumOutComponents
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Method from sun.java2d.cmm.lcms.LCMSTransform Detail:
 public  void colorConvert(BufferedImage src,
    BufferedImage dst) 
 public  void colorConvert(Raster src,
    WritableRaster dst) 
 public short[] colorConvert(short[] src,
    short[] dst) 
 public byte[] colorConvert(byte[] src,
    byte[] dst) 
 public  void colorConvert(Raster src,
    WritableRaster dst,
    float[] srcMinVal,
    float[] srcMaxVal,
    float[] dstMinVal,
    float[] dstMaxVal) 
 public int getNumInComponents() 
 public int getNumOutComponents()