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Sub Packages:



BackBufferCapsProvider   Provides access to back-buffer's BufferCapabilities.  code | html
DestSurfaceProvider   Classes implementing this interface provide access to their destination surfaces.  code | html
Disposer.PollDisposable     code | html
DisposerRecord   This class is used to hold the resource to be disposed.  code | html
DisposerTarget   This is an interface which should be implemented by the classes which use Disposer.  code | html
FontSupport   Font support for graphics environment  code | html
StateTrackable   This interface is implemented by classes which contain complex state so that other objects can track whether or not their state has changed since earlier interactions with the object.  code | html
StateTracker   This interface is used to track changes to the complex data of an object that implements the StateTrackable interface.  code | html
Surface   This is a tag interface for a surface.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

SunGraphicsEnvironment   This is an implementation of a GraphicsEnvironment object for the default local GraphicsEnvironment.  code | html
SurfaceData   This class provides various pieces of information relevant to a particular drawing surface.  code | html
SurfaceDataProxy   The proxy class encapsulates the logic for managing alternate SurfaceData representations of a primary SurfaceData.  code | html
SurfaceManagerFactory   This factory creates platform specific VolatileSurfaceManager implementations.  code | html


StateTrackable.State   An enumeration describing the current state of a trackable object.  code | html
DefaultDisposerRecord   This class is the default DisposerRecord implementation which holds pointers to the native disposal method and the data to be disposed.  code | html
Disposer   This class is used for registering and disposing the native data associated with java objects.  code | html
HeadlessGraphicsEnvironment   Headless decorator implementation of a SunGraphicsEnvironment  code | html
InvalidPipeException   Signals that some part of a graphics pipeline is not in an appropriate state for the requested operation.  code | html
NullSurfaceData   This class provides an empty implementation of the SurfaceData abstract superclass.  code | html
ScreenUpdateManager   This class handles the creation of on-screen surfaces and corresponding graphics objects.  code | html
Spans   Maintains a list of half-open intervals, called Spans.  code | html
Spans.Span   Holds a single half-open interval.  code | html
Spans.SpanIntersection   This class ranks a pair of Span instances.  code | html
StateTrackableDelegate   This class provides a basic pre-packaged implementation of the complete StateTrackable interface with implementations of the required methods in the interface and methods to manage transitions in the state of the object.  code | html
SunCompositeContext     code | html
SunGraphics2D   This is a the master Graphics2D superclass for all of the Sun Graphics implementations.  code | html
SurfaceData.PixelToPgramLoopConverter     code | html
SurfaceData.PixelToShapeLoopConverter     code | html
SurfaceDataProxy.CountdownTracker     code | html
UnixSurfaceManagerFactory   The SurfaceManagerFactory that creates VolatileSurfaceManager implementations for the Unix volatile images.  code | html
WindowsSurfaceManagerFactory   The SurfaceManagerFactory that creates VolatileSurfaceManager implementations for the Windows volatile images.  code | html