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AccelDeviceEventListener   An interface for receiving notifications about imminent accelerated device's events.  code | html
AccelGraphicsConfig   Implementors of this interface provida a way to create a {@code VolatileImage} whose destination surface is an AccelSurface of specified type.  code | html
AccelSurface   Abstraction for a hardware accelerated surface.  code | html
BufferedContextProvider   Classes implementing this interface can provide the {@code BufferedContext} associated with or used by them.  code | html


ExtendedBufferCapabilities.VSyncType   Type of synchronization on vertical retrace.  code | html
AccelDeviceEventNotifier   This class is used to notify listeners about accelerated device's events such as device reset or dispose that are about to occur.  code | html
AccelTypedVolatileImage   This is an image with forced type of the accelerated surface.  code | html
ContextCapabilities   Represents a set of capabilities of a BufferedContext and associated AccelGraphicsConfig.  code | html
ExtendedBufferCapabilities   Provides extended BufferStrategy capabilities, allowing to specify the type of vertical refresh synchronization for a buffer strategy.  code | html