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Abstract Classes:

Win32SurfaceDataProxy   The proxy class contains the logic for when to replace a SurfaceData with a cached X11 Pixmap and the code to create the accelerated surfaces.  code | html


DDBlitLoops   DDBlitLoops This class accelerates Blits between two DD surfaces of the same depth, using DirectDraw commands in native code to dispatch Blt calls to the video accelerator.  code | html
DDBlitLoops.DelegateBlitBgLoop   BlitBg This loop is used to render from Sw surface data to the Hw one in AOSI.copyBackupToAccelerated.  code | html
DDRenderer   DDRenderer This class accelerates rendering to a surface of type WinOffScreenSurfaceData.  code | html
DDRenderer.Tracer     code | html
DDScaleLoops   DDScaleLoops This class accelerates ScaledBlits between two DirectDraw surfaces.  code | html
GDIBlitLoops   GDIBlitLoops This class accelerates Blits between certain surfaces and the screen, using GDI.  code | html
GDIRenderer     code | html
GDIRenderer.Tracer     code | html
GDIWindowSurfaceData     code | html
Win32OffScreenSurfaceData   Win32OffScreenSurfaceData This class implements a hardware-accelerated video memory surface.  code | html
Win32SurfaceData     code | html
Win32SurfaceDataProxy.Bitmask   Proxy for bitmask transparent source images.  code | html
Win32SurfaceDataProxy.Opaque   Proxy for opaque source images.  code | html
WinBackBuffer     code | html
WinBackBuffer.WinBackBufferSurfaceManager     code | html
WinBackBufferSurfaceData     code | html
WinVolatileSurfaceManager   Windows platform implementation of the VolatileSurfaceManager class.  code | html
WindowsFlags     code | html