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XRBackend   XRender pipeline backend interface.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

XRPaints     code | html
XRSurfaceData     code | html


DirtyRegion   This class implements region tracking, used by the tiled-mask code.  code | html
GrowableByteArray   Growable int array, designed to allow subclasses to emulate the behaviour of value types.  code | html
GrowableEltArray   Class to efficiently store glyph information for laid out glyphs, passed to native or java backend.  code | html
GrowableIntArray   Growable int array, designed to allow subclasses to emulate the behaviour of value types.  code | html
GrowablePointArray   Class to efficiently store rectangles.  code | html
GrowableRectArray   Class to efficiently store rectangles.  code | html
MaskTile   Represents a single tile, used to store the rectangles covering the area of the mask where the tile is located.  code | html
MaskTileManager   We render non-antialiased geometry (consisting of rectangles) into a mask, which is later used in a composition step.  code | html
MutableInteger   Simple MutableInteger implementation to be used as a reuseable HashMap key.  code | html
XIDGenerator   Class provides unused XIDs, used for creating server-side objects created by the java backend.  code | html
XRBackendNative   Native implementation of XRBackend.  code | html
XRColor   XRender color class.  code | html
XRCompositeManager   Manages per-application resources, e.g.  code | html
XRDrawImage   Class used for re-routing transformed blits to the accelerated loops.  code | html
XRGraphicsConfig     code | html
XRMaskBlit   For XRender there is no "blit", everything is just a fill with Repeat or Not.  code | html
XRMaskFill     code | html
XRMaskImage   Management of mask used for some blit-types.  code | html
XRPMBlit     code | html
XRPMBlitLoops     code | html
XRPMScaledBlit     code | html
XRPMTransformedBlit   Called also if scale+transform is set  code | html
XRPaints.XRGradient     code | html
XRPaints.XRLinearGradient     code | html
XRPaints.XRRadialGradient     code | html
XRPaints.XRTexture     code | html
XRRenderer   XRender provides only accalerated rectangles.  code | html
XRRenderer.XRDrawHandler     code | html
XRSurfaceData.LazyPipe     code | html
XRSurfaceData.XRInternalSurfaceData     code | html
XRSurfaceData.XRPixmapSurfaceData     code | html
XRSurfaceData.XRWindowSurfaceData     code | html
XRSurfaceDataProxy   The proxy class contains the logic if to replace a SurfaceData with a cached X11 Pixmap and the code to create the accelerated surfaces.  code | html
XRUtils   XRender constants and utility methods.  code | html
XRVolatileSurfaceManager   XRender platform implementation of the VolatileSurfaceManager class.  code | html
XcbRequestCounter   UInt32 "emulation", mimics the behaviour of xcb's request counter.  code | html
XrSwToPMBlit     code | html
XrSwToPMScaledBlit     code | html
XrSwToPMTransformedBlit     code | html