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Abstract Classes:

StandaloneMessageDigest   (Adapted from the sun.security.provider.DigestBase doc).  code | html


BackgroundDownloader   Invoked by DownloadManager to begin (in a new JRE) the process of downloading all remaining JRE components in the background.  code | html
Bundle   Represents a bundle which may or may not currently be installed.  code | html
BundleCheck     code | html
ByteArrayToFromHexDigits   TODO: The JRE and deploy build code (SplitJRE) can be made a bit smarter then cryto hashcode byte arrays can be used directly, eliminating the need for this class altogether.  code | html
DigestOutputStream     code | html
DownloadManager   Handles the downloading of additional JRE components.  code | html
DownloadManager.StreamMonitor     code | html
KernelError   Thrown to indicate that Java Kernel is unable to install a required bundle and the JRE is therefore not adhering to specifications.  code | html
Mutex   A mutex which works even between different processes.  code | html
StandaloneByteArrayAccess   Methods for converting between byte[] and int[]/long[].  code | html
StandaloneSHA   This is a slightly modified subset of the sun.security.provider.SHA class that is not dependent on the regular Java Security framework classes.  code | html