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Sub Packages:



Win32Debugger   An extension of the JVMDebugger interface with a few additions to support 32-bit vs.  code | html
Win32LDTEntryConstants   Enumerates flags in Win32LDTEntry  code | html


AddressDataSource     code | html
DLL   Provides a simple wrapper around the COFF library which handles relocation.  code | html
TestDebugger     code | html
TestHelloWorld   Tests to see whether we can find the "Hello, World" string in a target process  code | html
Win32Address     code | html
Win32CDebugInfoBuilder     code | html
Win32CDebugger     code | html

An implementation of the JVMDebugger interface which talks to the Free Windows Debug Server (FwDbgSrv) over a socket to implement attach/detach and read from process memory. 

code | html
Win32LDTEntry   Describes an LDT entry.  code | html
Win32OopHandle     code | html
Win32Thread     code | html
Win32ThreadContext     code | html