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SpaceClosure     code | html
StringTable.StringVisitor     code | html
SymbolTable.SymbolVisitor     code | html
SystemDictionary.ClassAndLoaderVisitor   Interface for iterating through all classes and their class loaders in dictionary  code | html
SystemDictionary.ClassVisitor   Interface for iterating through all classes in dictionary  code | html

Abstract Classes:

CardGeneration   Class CardGeneration is a generation that is covered by a card table, and uses a card-size block-offset array to implement block_start.  code | html
CompactibleSpace   A space that supports compaction operations.  code | html

The (supported) Generation hierarchy currently looks like this:

  • Generation
    • CardGeneration
      • OneContigSpaceCardGeneration
        • CompactingPermGenGen
        • TenuredGeneration
    • DefNewGeneration
code | html

OneSpaceOldGeneration models a heap of old objects contained in a single contiguous space. 

code | html
PermGen   All heaps contains a "permanent generation," containing permanent (reflective) objects.  code | html
SharedHeap     code | html

A Space describes a heap area. 

code | html


BinaryTreeDictionary     code | html
CMSBitMap     code | html
CMSCollector     code | html
CMSPermGen     code | html
CMSPermGenGen     code | html
CodeHeap     code | html
CompactibleFreeListSpace     code | html
CompactingPermGen   A PermGen implemented with a contiguous space.  code | html
CompactingPermGenGen   This is the "generation" view of a CompactingPermGen.  code | html
ConcurrentMarkSweepGeneration     code | html
ContigPermSpace   No additional functionality for now  code | html
ContiguousSpace     code | html
DefNewGeneration   DefNewGeneration is a young generation containing eden, from- and to-space.  code | html
Dictionary     code | html
DictionaryEntry     code | html

Class EdenSpace describes eden-space in new generation. 

code | html
FreeChunk     code | html
FreeList     code | html
GenCollectedHeap     code | html
Generation.Name     code | html
Generation.StatRecord     code | html
GenerationFactory   Factory containing a VirtualConstructor suitable for instantiating wrapper objects for all types of generations  code | html
GenerationIsInClosure   Should only be used once  code | html
GenerationSpec     code | html
HeapBlock     code | html
HeapBlock.Header     code | html
LinearAllocBlock     code | html
LoaderConstraintEntry     code | html
LoaderConstraintTable     code | html
MemRegion   A very simple data structure representing a contigous region of address space.  code | html
OffsetTableContigSpace   No additional functionality for now  code | html
ParNewGeneration     code | html
PlaceholderEntry     code | html
PlaceholderTable     code | html
ProtectionDomainEntry     code | html
StringTable     code | html
SymbolTable     code | html
SystemDictionary     code | html
TenuredGeneration     code | html
TenuredSpace   No additional functionality for now  code | html
Universe     code | html