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Sub Packages:



AddressVisitor   A generic interface for visiting addresses.  code | html
ClassConstants     code | html
JavaThreadFactory   This is only used internally to this package and its operating system- and CPU-specific subpackages to be able to instantiate the correct platform-specific implementation of JavaThread which handles the last Java frame pointer and other constructs properly.  code | html
JavaThreadPDAccess     code | html
PerfDataEntry.PerfDataUnits     code | html
PerfDataEntry.PerfDataVariability     code | html
PerfMemory.PerfDataEntryVisitor     code | html

Abstract Classes:


A frame represents a physical stack frame (an activation). 

code | html
JavaVFrame     code | html
NativeSignatureIterator   Specialized SignatureIterator: Used for native call purposes  code | html

A companion structure used for stack traversal. 

code | html
SignatureInfo     code | html

SignatureIterators iterate over a Java signature (or parts of it). 

code | html


ArgumentOopFinder     code | html
ArgumentSizeComputer   Specialized SignatureIterator: Used to compute the argument size.  code | html
Arguments   This class represent VM's Arguments class -- command line args, flags etc.  code | html
BasicLock     code | html
BasicObjectLock     code | html
BasicType   Encapsulates the BasicType enum in globalDefinitions.hpp in the VM.  code | html
BasicTypeSize   Encapsulates the BasicTypeSize enum in globalDefinitions.hpp in the VM.  code | html
Bytes   Encapsulates some byte-swapping operations defined in the VM  code | html
CompiledVFrame   FIXME: missing many accessors; all we have right now is the method and BCI.  code | html
CompilerThread     code | html
ConcurrentLocksPrinter     code | html
ConstructionException     code | html
DeadlockDetector   Prints information about Java-level deadlocks in supplied 'tty'.  code | html
ExternalVFrame     code | html
Frame.InterpVisitor     code | html
InterpretedVFrame     code | html
InterpreterFrameClosure     code | html
JNIHandleBlock     code | html
JNIHandles     code | html
JNIid     code | html

A JavaCallWrapper is constructed before each JavaCall and destroyed after the call. 

code | html
JavaThread   This is an abstract class because there are certain OS- and CPU-specific operations (like the setting and getting of the last Java frame pointer) which need to be factored out.  code | html
JavaThreadState   This is a type-safe enum mirroring the JavaThreadState enum in globalDefinitions.hpp.  code | html
JvmtiAgentThread   FIXME: should be in ../prims dir if that directory existed; for now keep it in runtime dir  code | html
LowMemoryDetectorThread     code | html
MonitorInfo     code | html
OSThread     code | html
ObjectMonitor     code | html
ObjectSynchronizer     code | html
ObjectSynchronizer.ObjectMonitorIterator     code | html
PerfDataEntry     code | html
PerfDataPrologue     code | html
PerfMemory     code | html
ResultTypeFinder   Specialized SignatureIterator: Used to compute the result type.  code | html
ServiceThread     code | html
SignatureConverter     code | html

StackFrameStream iterates through the frames of a thread starting from top most frame. 

code | html
StackValue     code | html
StackValueCollection     code | html
StubRoutines   Very minimal port for now to get frames working  code | html
Thread     code | html

ThreadLocalAllocBuffer: a descriptor for thread-local storage used by the threads for allocation. 

code | html
Threads     code | html
VFrame     code | html

This class encapsulates the global state of the VM; the universe, object heap, interpreter, etc. 

code | html
VM.Flag     code | html
VMObject   This is a base class for all VM runtime objects which wrap Addresses.  code | html

This class implements a factory mechanism for the objects created to wrap Addresses. 

code | html
VMReg   This is a simple immutable class to make the naming of VM registers type-safe; see RegisterMap.java and frame.hpp.  code | html
VMVersionMismatchException   An instance of this exception is thrown when debuggee VM version is not supported current version of SA.  code | html
VirtualConstructor   This class provides generalized "virtual constructor" functionality for VMObjects.  code | html
VirtualSpace     code | html
WatcherThread   These will never show up in the threads list (from Threads.first())  code | html