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Sub Packages:



BitMapClosure     code | html
HeapGraphWriter   Interface implemented by all heap graph writers.  code | html
HeapProgressThunk   Indicates progress in iterating the heap.  code | html

A two-way unbounded-length message queue useful for communication between threads. 

code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractHeapGraphWriter   This is abstract base class for heap graph writers.  code | html


AddressOps   Helper class with operations on addresses.  code | html
Assert     code | html
AssertionFailure     code | html
BasicHashtable     code | html
BasicHashtableEntry     code | html
BitMap   Manages a bitmap of the specified bit size  code | html
Bits   Bit manipulation routines  code | html
CPPExpressions   Provides helper routines for parsing simple C++ expressions such as "(JavaThread *) 0xf00" and "Universe::_collectedHeap".  code | html
CPPExpressions.CastExpr   Represents a cast expression such as "(JavaThread *) 0xf00".  code | html
CPPExpressions.StaticFieldExpr   Represents a static field expression such as "Universe::_collectedHeap".  code | html
CStringUtilities   A utility class encapsulating useful operations on C strings represented as Addresses  code | html
ConstIterator   An Iterator which wraps another and prevents the "remove" method from being called  code | html
ConstantTag     code | html
FindObjectByType     code | html
Hashtable     code | html
HashtableBucket     code | html
HashtableEntry     code | html

This class writes Java heap in Graph eXchange Language (GXL) format. 

code | html
HeapHprofBinWriter     code | html
HeapHprofBinWriter.ClassData     code | html
IntegerEnum   A class enabling simple construction of type-safe integer enumerations  code | html
Interval   An interval is an immutable data structure defined by its two endpoints.  code | html
IntervalNode   Derived from the example in Section 15.3 of CLR.  code | html
IntervalTree   Derived from the example in Section 15.3 of CLR.  code | html
IntervalTree.IntervalComparator     code | html
LivenessAnalysis   Finds all paths from roots to the specified set of objects.  code | html
LivenessPath   Describes a path from an object back to the root which is keeping it alive.  code | html
LivenessPathElement   Describes an element in a sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.LivenessPath code | html
LivenessPathList   Simple container class for LivenessPaths  code | html
MarkBits   Helper class which covers the reserved area of the heap with an (object-external) set of mark bits, used for GC-like scans through the heap like liveness analysis.  code | html
MessageQueueBackend   The backend for the message queue abstraction.  code | html
MessageQueueBackend.MessageQueueImpl     code | html
ObjectReader   ObjectReader can "deserialize" objects from debuggee.  code | html
ObjectReader.FieldSetter     code | html
ObjectReader.SignatureParser     code | html
PlatformInfo   Provides canonicalized OS and CPU information for the rest of the system.  code | html
PointerFinder   This class, only intended for use in the debugging system, provides the functionality of find() in the VM.  code | html
PointerLocation   This class attempts to describe possible locations of pointers in the VM.  code | html
ProcImageClassLoader   Class loader that loads classes from the process/core image of the debuggee.  code | html
ProgressiveHeapVisitor   This class wraps a user's chosen HeapVisitor with the functionality that a chosen "thunk" is called periodically during the heap traversal.  code | html
RBColor   Type-safe enum for the colors in a red-black tree.  code | html
RBNode   This class implements a node in a red-black tree.  code | html

This class implements a Red-Black tree as described in Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Introduction to Algorithms, MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 1990. 

code | html
ReversePtrs   ReversePtrs hashtable.  code | html
ReversePtrsAnalysis   For a set of known roots, descends recursively into the object graph, for each object recording those objects (and their fields) which point to it.  code | html
ReversePtrsAnalysis.RootVisitor     code | html
RobustOopDeterminator   This class determines to the best of its ability, and in a reasonably robust fashion, whether a given pointer is an intact oop or not.  code | html
StreamMonitor   Reads all of the data from the given InputStream, and allows the caller to wait for a given string to come in or watch for many possible strings.  code | html
StreamMonitor.Trigger     code | html
SystemDictionaryHelper     code | html
TwoOopHashtable     code | html
UnsupportedPlatformException     code | html
WorkerThread   This class abstracts the notion of a worker thread which is fed tasks in the form of Runnables.  code | html
WorkerThread.MainLoop     code | html