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abstract public class: BootClassLoaderHook [javadoc | source]
BootClassLoaderHook defines an interface for a hook to inject into the bootstrap class loader. In jkernel build, the sun.jkernel.DownloadManager is set as a BootClassLoaderHook by the jkernel VM after the VM is initialized. In other JDK builds, no hook is set.
 protected BootClassLoaderHook() 
Method from sun.misc.BootClassLoaderHook Summary:
getAdditionalBootstrapPaths,   getBootstrapPaths,   getBootstrapResource,   getHook,   isCurrentThreadPrefetching,   loadBootstrapClass,   loadLibrary,   preLoadClass,   preLoadLibrary,   preLoadResource,   prefetchFile,   setHook
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Method from sun.misc.BootClassLoaderHook Detail:
 abstract public File[] getAdditionalBootstrapPaths()
    Returns additional boot class paths added by the hook that should be searched by the boot class loader.
 public static File[] getBootstrapPaths() 
    Returns bootstrap class paths added by the hook.
 abstract public String getBootstrapResource(String resourceName)
    Returns a pathname of a resource file that the hook loads per this getResource request; or null.
 public static synchronized BootClassLoaderHook getHook() 
 abstract public boolean isCurrentThreadPrefetching()
    Returns true if the current thread is in the process of doing a prefetching operation.
 abstract public String loadBootstrapClass(String className)
    Returns a pathname of a JAR or class that the hook loads per this loadClass request; or null.
 abstract public boolean loadLibrary(String libname)
    Returns true if the hook successfully performs an operation per this loadLibrary request; or false if it fails.
 public static  void preLoadClass(String classname) 
    A method to be invoked before a class loader loads a bootstrap class.
 public static  void preLoadLibrary(String libname) 
    A method to be invoked before a library is loaded.
 public static  void preLoadResource(String resourcename) 
    A method to be invoked before a class loader loads a resource.
 abstract public boolean prefetchFile(String name)
    Returns true if the hook successfully prefetches the specified file.
 public static synchronized  void setHook(BootClassLoaderHook hook)