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public class: ClassLoaderUtil [javadoc | source]
Provides utility functions related to URLClassLoaders or subclasses of it. W A R N I N G This class uses undocumented, unpublished, private data structures inside and sun.misc.URLClassPath. Use with extreme caution.
Method from sun.misc.ClassLoaderUtil Summary:
releaseLoader,   releaseLoader
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Method from sun.misc.ClassLoaderUtil Detail:
 public static  void releaseLoader(URLClassLoader classLoader) 
    Releases resources held by a URLClassLoader. A new classloader must be created before the underlying resources can be accessed again.
 public static List<IOException> releaseLoader(URLClassLoader classLoader,
    List<String> jarsClosed) 
    Releases resources held by a URLClassLoader. Notably, close the jars opened by the loader. Initializes and updates the List of jars that have been successfully closed.