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public class: ExtensionDependency [javadoc | source]

This class checks dependent extensions a particular jar file may have declared through its manifest attributes.

Jar file declared dependent extensions through the extension-list attribute. The extension-list contains a list of keys used to fetch the other attributes describing the required extension. If key is the extension key declared in the extension-list attribute, the following describing attribute can be found in the manifest : key-Extension-Name: (Specification package name) key-Specification-Version: (Specification-Version) key-Implementation-Version: (Implementation-Version) key-Implementation-Vendor-Id: (Imlementation-Vendor-Id) key-Implementation-Version: (Implementation version) key-Implementation-URL: (URL to download the requested extension)

This class also maintain versioning consistency of installed extensions dependencies declared in jar file manifest.

Field Summary
static final  boolean DEBUG     
Method from sun.misc.ExtensionDependency Summary:
addExtensionInstallationProvider,   checkExtension,   checkExtensionAgainst,   checkExtensionAgainstInstalled,   checkExtensions,   checkExtensionsDependencies,   installExtension,   removeExtensionInstallationProvider
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Method from sun.misc.ExtensionDependency Detail:
 public static synchronized  void addExtensionInstallationProvider(ExtensionInstallationProvider eip) 

    Register an ExtensionInstallationProvider. The provider is responsible for handling the installation (upgrade) of any missing extensions.

 protected synchronized boolean checkExtension(String extensionName,
    Attributes attr) throws ExtensionInstallationException 
 protected boolean checkExtensionAgainst(String extensionName,
    Attributes attr,
    File file) throws IOException, FileNotFoundException, ExtensionInstallationException 
 boolean checkExtensionAgainstInstalled(String extensionName,
    Attributes attr) throws ExtensionInstallationException 
 protected boolean checkExtensions(JarFile jar) throws ExtensionInstallationException 
 public static boolean checkExtensionsDependencies(JarFile jar) 

    Checks the dependencies of the jar file on installed extension.

 protected boolean installExtension(ExtensionInfo reqInfo,
    ExtensionInfo instInfo) throws ExtensionInstallationException 
 public static synchronized  void removeExtensionInstallationProvider(ExtensionInstallationProvider eip) 

    Unregister a previously installed installation provider