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public class: ExtensionInfo [javadoc | source]
This class holds all necessary information to install or upgrade a extension on the user's disk
Field Summary
public static final  int COMPATIBLE   

public static values returned by the isCompatible method

public static final  int REQUIRE_SPECIFICATION_UPGRADE     
public static final  int REQUIRE_IMPLEMENTATION_UPGRADE     
public static final  int REQUIRE_VENDOR_SWITCH     
public static final  int INCOMPATIBLE     
public  String title   

attributes fully describer an extension. The underlying described extension may be installed and requested.


public  String name     
public  String specVersion     
public  String specVendor     
public  String implementationVersion     
public  String vendor     
public  String vendorId     
public  String url     
 public ExtensionInfo() 
 public ExtensionInfo(String extensionKey,
    Attributes attr) throws NullPointerException 

    Create and initialize an extension information object. The initialization uses the attributes passed as being the content of a manifest file to load the extension information from. Since manifest file may contain information on several extension they may depend on, the extension key parameter is prepanded to the attribute name to make the key used to retrieve the attribute from the manifest file

    extensionKey - unique extension key in the manifest
    attr - Attributes of a manifest file
Method from sun.misc.ExtensionInfo Summary:
isCompatibleWith,   toString
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Method from sun.misc.ExtensionInfo Detail:
 public int isCompatibleWith(ExtensionInfo ei) 

 public String toString() 

    helper method to print sensible information on the undelying described extension