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public class: FloatingDecimal [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
 boolean isExceptional     
 boolean isNegative     
 int decExponent     
 char[] digits     
 int nDigits     
 int bigIntExp     
 int bigIntNBits     
 boolean mustSetRoundDir     
 boolean fromHex     
 int roundDir     
static final  long signMask     
static final  long expMask     
static final  long fractMask     
static final  int expShift     
static final  int expBias     
static final  long fractHOB     
static final  long expOne     
static final  int maxSmallBinExp     
static final  int minSmallBinExp     
static final  int maxDecimalDigits     
static final  int maxDecimalExponent     
static final  int minDecimalExponent     
static final  int bigDecimalExponent     
static final  long highbyte     
static final  long highbit     
static final  long lowbytes     
static final  int singleSignMask     
static final  int singleExpMask     
static final  int singleFractMask     
static final  int singleExpShift     
static final  int singleFractHOB     
static final  int singleExpBias     
static final  int singleMaxDecimalDigits     
static final  int singleMaxDecimalExponent     
static final  int singleMinDecimalExponent     
static final  int intDecimalDigits     
 public FloatingDecimal(double d) 
 public FloatingDecimal(float f) 
Method from sun.misc.FloatingDecimal Summary:
appendTo,   doubleValue,   floatValue,   getHexDigit,   parseHexString,   readJavaFormatString,   stickyRound,   stripLeadingZeros,   toJavaFormatString,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from sun.misc.FloatingDecimal Detail:
 public  void appendTo(Appendable buf) 
 public double doubleValue() 
 public float floatValue() 
 static int getHexDigit(String s,
    int position) 
    Extract a hexadecimal digit from position position of string s.
 static FloatingDecimal parseHexString(String s) 
 public static FloatingDecimal readJavaFormatString(String in) throws NumberFormatException 
 float stickyRound(double dval) 
 static String stripLeadingZeros(String s) 
    Return s with any leading zeros removed.
 public String toJavaFormatString() 
 public String toString()