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public class: JarIndex [javadoc | source]
This class is used to maintain mappings from packages, classes and resources to their enclosing JAR files. Mappings are kept at the package level except for class or resource files that are located at the root directory. URLClassLoader uses the mapping information to determine where to fetch an extension class or resource from.
Field Summary
public static final  String INDEX_NAME    The index file name. 
 public JarIndex() 
 public JarIndex(InputStream is) throws IOException 
    Constructs a new index from the specified input stream.
    is - the input stream containing the index data
 public JarIndex(String[] files) throws IOException 
    Constructs a new index for the specified list of jar files.
    files - the list of jar files to construct the index from.
Method from sun.misc.JarIndex Summary:
add,   get,   getJarFiles,   getJarIndex,   getJarIndex,   merge,   read,   write
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Method from sun.misc.JarIndex Detail:
 public  void add(String fileName,
    String jarName) 
    Add the mapping from the specified file to the specified jar file. If there were no mapping for the package of the specified file before, a new linked list will be created, the jar file is added to the list and a new mapping from the package to the jar file list is added to the hashmap. Otherwise, the jar file will be added to the end of the existing list.
 public LinkedList get(String fileName) 
    Returns the list of jar files that are mapped to the file.
 public String[] getJarFiles() 
    Returns the jar files that are defined in this index.
 public static JarIndex getJarIndex(JarFile jar) throws IOException 
    Returns the jar index, or null if none. This single parameter version of the method is retained for binary compatibility with earlier releases.
 public static JarIndex getJarIndex(JarFile jar,
    MetaIndex metaIndex) throws IOException 
    Returns the jar index, or null if none.
 public  void merge(JarIndex toIndex,
    String path) 
    Merges the current index into another index, taking into account the relative path of the current index.
 public  void read(InputStream is) throws IOException 
    Reads the index from the specified InputStream.
 public  void write(OutputStream out) throws IOException 
    Writes the index to the specified OutputStream