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static class: ProxyGenerator.PrimitiveTypeInfo [javadoc | source]
A PrimitiveTypeInfo object contains assorted information about a primitive type in its public fields. The struct for a particular primitive type can be obtained using the static "get" method.
Field Summary
public  String baseTypeString    "base type" used in various descriptors (see JVMS section 4.3.2) 
public  String wrapperClassName    name of corresponding wrapper class 
public  String wrapperValueOfDesc    method descriptor for wrapper class "valueOf" factory method 
public  String unwrapMethodName    name of wrapper class method for retrieving primitive value 
public  String unwrapMethodDesc    descriptor of same method 
Method from sun.misc.ProxyGenerator$PrimitiveTypeInfo Summary:
Methods from java.lang.Object:
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Method from sun.misc.ProxyGenerator$PrimitiveTypeInfo Detail:
 public static PrimitiveTypeInfo get(Class cl)