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public class: Regexp [javadoc | source]
A class to represent a regular expression. Only handles '*'s.
Field Summary
public  boolean ignoreCase    if true then the matching process ignores case. 
public  String exp     
public  String prefix     
public  String suffix     
public  boolean exact     
public  int prefixLen     
public  int suffixLen     
public  int totalLen     
public  String[] mids     
 public Regexp(String s) 
    Create a new regular expression object. The regular expression is a series of constant strings separated by *s. For example:
    Matches any string that ends in ".gif".
    Matches any string that starts with "/tmp/".
    Matches any string that starts with "/tmp/" and ends with ".gif".
    Matches any string that starts with "/tmp/" and ends with ".gif" and has "new" somewhere in between.
Method from sun.misc.Regexp Summary:
matches,   matches
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Method from sun.misc.Regexp Detail:
 final boolean matches(String s) 
    Returns true iff the String s matches this regular expression.
 boolean matches(String s,
    int offset,
    int len) 
    Returns true iff the substring of s from offset for len characters matches this regular expression.