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public class: VM [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
public static final  int STATE_GREEN   
    public static final  int STATE_YELLOW   
      public static final  int STATE_RED   
        Method from sun.misc.VM Summary:
        addFinalRefCount,   allowArraySyntax,   allowThreadSuspension,   asChange,   asChange_otherthread,   booted,   getFinalRefCount,   getPeakFinalRefCount,   getSavedProperty,   getState,   initializeOSEnvironment,   isBooted,   isDirectMemoryPageAligned,   maxDirectMemory,   registerVMNotification,   saveAndRemoveProperties,   suspendThreads,   threadsSuspended,   toThreadState,   unsuspendSomeThreads,   unsuspendThreads
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        clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
        Method from sun.misc.VM Detail:
         public static  void addFinalRefCount(int n) 
         public static boolean allowArraySyntax() 
         public static boolean allowThreadSuspension(ThreadGroup g,
            boolean b) 
         public static  void asChange(int as_old,
            int as_new) 
         public static  void asChange_otherthread(int as_old,
            int as_new) 
         public static  void booted() 
         public static int getFinalRefCount() 
         public static int getPeakFinalRefCount() 
         public static String getSavedProperty(String key) 
          Returns the system property of the specified key saved at system initialization time. This method should only be used for the system properties that are not changed during runtime. It accesses a private copy of the system properties so that user's locking of the system properties object will not cause the library to deadlock. Note that the saved system properties do not include the ones set by sun.misc.Version.init().
         public static final int getState() 
         public static  void initializeOSEnvironment() 
         public static boolean isBooted() 
         public static boolean isDirectMemoryPageAligned() 
         public static long maxDirectMemory() 
         public static  void registerVMNotification(VMNotification n) 
         public static  void saveAndRemoveProperties(Properties props) 
         public static boolean suspendThreads() 
         public static boolean threadsSuspended() 
         public static State toThreadState(int threadStatus) 
          Returns Thread.State for the given threadStatus
         public static  void unsuspendSomeThreads() 
         public static  void unsuspendThreads()