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TimeSource     code | html

Abstract Classes:

LeftOverInputStream   a (filter) input stream which can tell us if bytes are "left over" on the underlying stream which can be read (without blocking) on another instance of this class.  code | html


HttpConnection.State     code | html
SSLStreams.BufType     code | html
AuthFilter     code | html
ChunkedInputStream     code | html
ChunkedOutputStream   a class which allows the caller to write an arbitrary number of bytes to an underlying stream.  code | html
Code     code | html
ContextList     code | html
DefaultHttpServerProvider     code | html
Event     code | html
ExchangeImpl     code | html
FixedLengthInputStream   a class which allows the caller to read up to a defined number of bytes off an underlying stream close() does not close the underlying stream  code | html
FixedLengthOutputStream   a class which allows the caller to write up to a defined number of bytes to an underlying stream.  code | html
HttpConnection   encapsulates all the connection specific state for a HTTP/S connection one of these is hung from the selector attachment and is used to locate everything from that.  code | html
HttpContextImpl   HttpContext represents a mapping between a protocol (http or https) together with a root URI path to a HttpHandler which is invoked to handle requests destined for the protocol/path on the associated HttpServer.  code | html
HttpError   A Http error  code | html
HttpExchangeImpl     code | html
HttpServerImpl     code | html
HttpsExchangeImpl     code | html
HttpsServerImpl     code | html
PlaceholderOutputStream   An OutputStream which wraps another stream which is supplied either at creation time, or sometime later.  code | html
Request     code | html
Request.ReadStream   Implements blocking reading semantics on top of a non-blocking channel  code | html
Request.WriteStream     code | html
SSLStreams   given a non-blocking SocketChannel, it produces (blocking) streams which encrypt/decrypt the SSL content and handle the SSL handshaking automatically.  code | html
SSLStreams.EngineWrapper   This is a thin wrapper over SSLEngine and the SocketChannel, which guarantees the ordering of wraps/unwraps with respect to the underlying channel read/writes.  code | html
SSLStreams.InputStream   represents an SSL input stream.  code | html
SSLStreams.OutputStream   represents an SSL output stream.  code | html
SSLStreams.Parameters     code | html
SSLStreams.WrapperResult     code | html
SelectorCache     code | html
SelectorCache.CacheCleaner     code | html
SelectorCache.SelectorWrapper     code | html
ServerConfig   Parameters that users will not likely need to set but are useful for debugging  code | html
ServerImpl   Provides implementation for both HTTP and HTTPS  code | html
ServerImpl.DefaultExecutor     code | html
ServerImpl.Dispatcher     code | html
ServerImpl.Exchange     code | html
ServerImpl.Exchange.LinkHandler     code | html
ServerImpl.ServerTimerTask   TimerTask run every CLOCK_TICK ms  code | html
ServerImpl.ServerTimerTask1     code | html
StreamClosedException     code | html
UndefLengthOutputStream   a class which allows the caller to write an indefinite number of bytes to an underlying stream , but without using chunked encoding.  code | html
UnmodifiableHeaders     code | html
WriteFinishedEvent     code | html