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BasicFileAttributesHolder   Implemented by objects that may hold or cache the attributes of a file.  code | html
DynamicFileAttributeView   Implemented by FileAttributeView implementations to support access to attributes by names.  code | html
SolarisWatchService.DirectoryNode   A directory node with a map of the entries in the directory  code | html
SolarisWatchService.Node   A node with native (file_obj) resources  code | html
WindowsSecurity.Privilege   Returned by enablePrivilege when code may require a given privilege.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAclFileAttributeView   Base implementation of AclFileAttributeView  code | html
AbstractBasicFileAttributeView   Base implementation of BasicFileAttributeView  code | html
AbstractFileSystemProvider   Base implementation class of FileSystemProvider  code | html
AbstractFileTypeDetector   Base implementation of FileTypeDetector  code | html
AbstractPath   Base implementation class of {@code Path}.  code | html
AbstractPoller   Base implementation of background poller thread used in watch service implementations.  code | html
AbstractUserDefinedFileAttributeView   Base implementation of UserDefinedAttributeView  code | html
AbstractWatchKey   Base implementation class for watch keys.  code | html
AbstractWatchService   Base implementation class for watch services.  code | html
Cancellable   Base implementation of a task (typically native) that polls a memory location during execution so that it may be aborted/cancelled before completion.  code | html
UnixFileStore   Base implementation of FileStore for Unix/like implementations.  code | html
UnixFileSystem   Base implementation of FileSystem for Unix-like implementations.  code | html
UnixFileSystemProvider   Base implementation of FileSystemProvider  code | html


AbstractPoller.RequestType   Types of request that the poller thread must handle  code | html
AbstractWatchKey.State   Possible key states  code | html
UnixFileStore.FeatureStatus     code | html
WindowsPathType   A type safe enum of Windows path types.  code | html
AbstractBasicFileAttributeView.AttributesBuilder   Used to build a map of attribute name/values.  code | html
AbstractPoller.Request   Encapsulates a request (command) to the poller thread.  code | html
AbstractWatchKey.Event   WatchEvent implementation  code | html
DefaultFileSystemProvider   Creates default provider on Windows  code | html
DefaultFileTypeDetector     code | html
FileOwnerAttributeViewImpl   An implementation of FileOwnerAttributeView that delegates to a given PosixFileAttributeView or AclFileAttributeView object.  code | html
Globs     code | html
GnomeFileTypeDetector   File type detector that uses the GNOME I/O library or the deprecated GNOME VFS to guess the MIME type of a file.  code | html
LinuxDosFileAttributeView   Linux implementation of DosFileAttributeView for use on file systems such as ext3 that have extended attributes enabled and SAMBA configured to store DOS attributes.  code | html
LinuxFileStore   Linux implementation of FileStore  code | html
LinuxFileSystem   Linux implementation of FileSystem  code | html
LinuxFileSystem.SupportedFileFileAttributeViewsHolder     code | html
LinuxFileSystemProvider   Linux implementation of FileSystemProvider  code | html
LinuxNativeDispatcher   Linux specific system calls.  code | html
LinuxUserDefinedFileAttributeView   Linux implementation of UserDefinedFileAttributeView using extended attributes.  code | html
LinuxWatchService   Linux implementation of WatchService based on inotify.  code | html
LinuxWatchService.LinuxWatchKey   WatchKey implementation  code | html
LinuxWatchService.Poller   Background thread to read from inotify  code | html
NativeBuffer   A light-weight buffer in native memory.  code | html
NativeBuffer.Deallocator     code | html
NativeBuffers   Factory for native buffers.  code | html
PollingWatchService   Simple WatchService implementation that uses periodic tasks to poll registered directories for changes.  code | html
PollingWatchService.CacheEntry   Entry in directory cache to record file last-modified-time and tick-count  code | html
PollingWatchService.PollingWatchKey   WatchKey implementation that encapsulates a map of the entries of the entries in the directory.  code | html
Reflect   Utility class for reflection.  code | html
RegistryFileTypeDetector   File type detector that does lookup of file extension using Windows Registry.  code | html
SolarisAclFileAttributeView   Solaris implementation of AclFileAttributeView with native support for NFSv4 ACLs on ZFS.  code | html
SolarisFileStore   Solaris implementation of FileStore  code | html
SolarisFileSystem   Solaris implementation of FileSystem  code | html
SolarisFileSystem.SupportedFileFileAttributeViewsHolder     code | html
SolarisFileSystemProvider   Solaris implementation of FileSystemProvider  code | html
SolarisNativeDispatcher   Solaris specific system calls.  code | html
SolarisUserDefinedFileAttributeView   Solaris emulation of NamedAttributeView using extended attributes.  code | html
SolarisWatchService   Solaris implementation of WatchService based on file events notification facility.  code | html
SolarisWatchService.EntryNode   An implementation of a node that is an entry in a directory.  code | html
SolarisWatchService.Poller   Background thread to read from port  code | html
SolarisWatchService.SolarisWatchKey   WatchKey implementation  code | html
UnixChannelFactory   Factory for FileChannels and AsynchronousFileChannels  code | html
UnixChannelFactory.Flags   Represents the flags from a user-supplied set of open options.  code | html
UnixCopyFile   Unix implementation of Path#copyTo and Path#moveTo methods.  code | html
UnixCopyFile.Flags     code | html
UnixDirectoryStream   Unix implementation of java.nio.file.DirectoryStream  code | html
UnixDirectoryStream.UnixDirectoryIterator   Iterator implementation  code | html
UnixException   Internal exception thrown by native methods when error detected.  code | html
UnixFileAttributeViews     code | html
UnixFileAttributeViews.Basic     code | html
UnixFileAttributeViews.Posix     code | html
UnixFileAttributeViews.Unix     code | html
UnixFileAttributes   Unix implementation of PosixFileAttributes.  code | html
UnixFileAttributes.UnixAsBasicFileAttributes     code | html
UnixFileKey   Container for device/inode to uniquely identify file.  code | html
UnixFileModeAttribute     code | html
UnixFileStoreAttributes     code | html
UnixFileSystem.FileStoreIterator   Iterator returned by getFileStores method.  code | html
UnixFileSystem.LookupService     code | html
UnixMountEntry   Represents an entry in the mount table.  code | html
UnixNativeDispatcher   Unix system and library calls.  code | html
UnixPath   Solaris/Linux implementation of java.nio.file.Path  code | html
UnixSecureDirectoryStream   Unix implementation of SecureDirectoryStream.  code | html
UnixSecureDirectoryStream.BasicFileAttributeViewImpl   A BasicFileAttributeView implementation that using a dfd/name pair.  code | html
UnixSecureDirectoryStream.PosixFileAttributeViewImpl   A PosixFileAttributeView implementation that using a dfd/name pair.  code | html
UnixUriUtils   Unix specific Path <--> URI conversion  code | html
UnixUserPrincipals   Unix implementation of java.nio.file.attribute.UserPrincipal  code | html
UnixUserPrincipals.Group     code | html
UnixUserPrincipals.User     code | html
Util   Utility methods  code | html
WindowsAclFileAttributeView   Windows implementation of AclFileAttributeView.  code | html
WindowsChannelFactory   Factory to create FileChannels and AsynchronousFileChannels.  code | html
WindowsChannelFactory.Flags   Represents the flags from a user-supplied set of open options.  code | html
WindowsConstants   Win32 APIs constants.  code | html
WindowsDirectoryStream   Windows implementation of DirectoryStream  code | html
WindowsDirectoryStream.WindowsDirectoryIterator     code | html
WindowsException   Internal exception thrown when a Win32 calls fails.  code | html
WindowsFileAttributeViews     code | html
WindowsFileAttributeViews.Basic     code | html
WindowsFileAttributeViews.Dos     code | html
WindowsFileAttributes   Windows implementation of DosFileAttributes/BasicFileAttributes  code | html
WindowsFileCopy   Utility methods for copying and moving files.  code | html
WindowsFileStore   Windows implementation of FileStore.  code | html
WindowsFileSystem     code | html
WindowsFileSystem.FileStoreIterator   Iterator returned by getFileStores method.  code | html
WindowsFileSystem.LookupService     code | html
WindowsFileSystemProvider     code | html
WindowsLinkSupport   Utility methods for symbolic link support on Windows Vista and newer.  code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher   Win32 and library calls.  code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.Account     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.AclInformation     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.BackupResult     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.CompletionStatus     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.DiskFreeSpace     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.FirstFile     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.FirstStream     code | html
WindowsNativeDispatcher.VolumeInformation     code | html
WindowsPath   Windows implementation of Path  code | html
WindowsPath.WindowsPathWithAttributes   Special implementation with attached/cached attributes (used to quicken file tree traveral)  code | html
WindowsPathParser   A parser of Windows path strings  code | html
WindowsPathParser.Result   The result of a parse operation  code | html
WindowsSecurity   Security related utility methods.  code | html
WindowsSecurityDescriptor   A SecurityDescriptor for use when setting a file's ACL or creating a file with an initial ACL.  code | html
WindowsUriSupport   Utility methods to convert between Path and URIs.  code | html
WindowsUserDefinedFileAttributeView   Windows emulation of NamedAttributeView using Alternative Data Streams  code | html
WindowsUserPrincipals     code | html
WindowsUserPrincipals.Group     code | html
WindowsUserPrincipals.User     code | html
WindowsWatchService     code | html
WindowsWatchService.FileKey     code | html
WindowsWatchService.Poller   Background thread to service I/O completion port.  code | html
WindowsWatchService.WindowsWatchKey   Windows implementation of WatchKey.  code | html