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class: AccessorGenerator [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:

Shared functionality for all accessor generators
Field Summary
static final  Unsafe unsafe     
protected static final  short S0     
protected static final  short S1     
protected static final  short S2     
protected static final  short S3     
protected static final  short S4     
protected static final  short S5     
protected static final  short S6     
protected  ClassFileAssembler asm     
protected  int modifiers     
protected  short thisClass     
protected  short superClass     
protected  short targetClass     
protected  short throwableClass     
protected  short classCastClass     
protected  short nullPointerClass     
protected  short illegalArgumentClass     
protected  short invocationTargetClass     
protected  short initIdx     
protected  short initNameAndTypeIdx     
protected  short initStringNameAndTypeIdx     
protected  short nullPointerCtorIdx     
protected  short illegalArgumentCtorIdx     
protected  short illegalArgumentStringCtorIdx     
protected  short invocationTargetCtorIdx     
protected  short superCtorIdx     
protected  short objectClass     
protected  short toStringIdx     
protected  short codeIdx     
protected  short exceptionsIdx     
protected  short booleanIdx     
protected  short booleanCtorIdx     
protected  short booleanUnboxIdx     
protected  short byteIdx     
protected  short byteCtorIdx     
protected  short byteUnboxIdx     
protected  short characterIdx     
protected  short characterCtorIdx     
protected  short characterUnboxIdx     
protected  short doubleIdx     
protected  short doubleCtorIdx     
protected  short doubleUnboxIdx     
protected  short floatIdx     
protected  short floatCtorIdx     
protected  short floatUnboxIdx     
protected  short integerIdx     
protected  short integerCtorIdx     
protected  short integerUnboxIdx     
protected  short longIdx     
protected  short longCtorIdx     
protected  short longUnboxIdx     
protected  short shortIdx     
protected  short shortCtorIdx     
protected  short shortUnboxIdx     
protected final  short NUM_COMMON_CPOOL_ENTRIES     
protected final  short NUM_BOXING_CPOOL_ENTRIES     
protected static final  Class[] primitiveTypes     
Method from sun.reflect.AccessorGenerator Summary:
add,   canWidenTo,   ctorIndexForPrimitiveType,   emitBoxingContantPoolEntries,   emitCommonConstantPoolEntries,   emitConstructor,   emitMethod,   emitWideningBytecodeForPrimitiveConversion,   getClassName,   illegalArgumentCodeBuffer,   indexForPrimitiveType,   isPrimitive,   isStatic,   sub,   typeSizeInStackSlots,   unboxingMethodForPrimitiveType
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from sun.reflect.AccessorGenerator Detail:
 protected static short add(short s1,
    short s2) 
 protected static boolean canWidenTo(Class type,
    Class otherType) 
    Returns true for widening or identity conversions for primitive types only
 protected short ctorIndexForPrimitiveType(Class type) 
 protected  void emitBoxingContantPoolEntries() 
    Constant pool entries required to be able to box/unbox primitive types. Note that we don't emit these if we don't need them.
 protected  void emitCommonConstantPoolEntries() 
 protected  void emitConstructor() 
 protected  void emitMethod(short nameIdx,
    int numArgs,
    ClassFileAssembler code,
    ClassFileAssembler exceptionTable,
    short[] checkedExceptionIndices) 
 protected static  void emitWideningBytecodeForPrimitiveConversion(ClassFileAssembler cb,
    Class fromType,
    Class toType) 
    Emits the widening bytecode for the given primitive conversion (or none if the identity conversion). Requires that a primitive conversion exists; i.e., canWidenTo must have already been called and returned true.
 protected static String getClassName(Class c,
    boolean addPrefixAndSuffixForNonPrimitiveTypes) 
    Returns class name in "internal" form (i.e., '/' separators instead of '.')
 protected ClassFileAssembler illegalArgumentCodeBuffer() 
 protected short indexForPrimitiveType(Class type) 
 protected static boolean isPrimitive(Class c) 
    We don't consider "Void" to be a primitive type
 protected boolean isStatic() 
 protected static short sub(short s1,
    short s2) 
 protected int typeSizeInStackSlots(Class c) 
 protected short unboxingMethodForPrimitiveType(Class primType)