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public class: AnnotationType [javadoc | source]
Represents an annotation type at run time. Used to type-check annotations and apply member defaults.
Method from sun.reflect.annotation.AnnotationType Summary:
getInstance,   invocationHandlerReturnType,   isInherited,   memberDefaults,   memberTypes,   members,   retention,   toString
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Method from sun.reflect.annotation.AnnotationType Detail:
 public static synchronized AnnotationType getInstance(Class<Annotation> annotationClass) 
    Returns an AnnotationType instance for the specified annotation type.
 public static Class<?> invocationHandlerReturnType(Class<?> type) 
    Returns the type that must be returned by the invocation handler of a dynamic proxy in order to have the dynamic proxy return the specified type (which is assumed to be a legal member type for an annotation).
 public boolean isInherited() 
    Returns true if this this annotation type is inherited.
 public Map<String, Object> memberDefaults() 
    Returns the default values for this annotation type (Member name -> default value mapping).
 public Map<?> memberTypes() 
    Returns member types for this annotation type (member name -> type mapping).
 public Map<String, Method> members() 
    Returns members of this annotation type (member name -> associated Method object mapping).
 public RetentionPolicy retention() 
    Returns the retention policy for this annotation type.
 public String toString() 
    For debugging.