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Abstract Classes:

ExceptionProxy   An instance of this class is stored in an AnnotationInvocationHandler's "memberValues" map in lieu of a value for an annotation member that cannot be returned due to some exceptional condition (typically some form of illegal evolution of the annotation class).  code | html


AnnotationInvocationHandler   InvocationHandler for dynamic proxy implementation of Annotation.  code | html
AnnotationParser   Parser for Java programming language annotations.  code | html
AnnotationType   Represents an annotation type at run time.  code | html
AnnotationTypeMismatchExceptionProxy   ExceptionProxy for AnnotationTypeMismatchException.  code | html
EnumConstantNotPresentExceptionProxy   ExceptionProxy for EnumConstantNotPresentException.  code | html
TypeNotPresentExceptionProxy   ExceptionProxy for TypeNotPresentException.  code | html