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public class: CoreReflectionFactory [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Factory for reflective generic type objects for use by core reflection (java.lang.reflect).
Method from sun.reflect.generics.factory.CoreReflectionFactory Summary:
findTypeVariable,   make,   makeArrayType,   makeBool,   makeByte,   makeChar,   makeDouble,   makeFloat,   makeInt,   makeLong,   makeNamedType,   makeParameterizedType,   makeShort,   makeTypeVariable,   makeVoid,   makeWildcard
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Method from sun.reflect.generics.factory.CoreReflectionFactory Detail:
 public TypeVariable<?> findTypeVariable(String name) 
 public static CoreReflectionFactory make(GenericDeclaration d,
    Scope s) 
    Factory for this class. Returns an instance of CoreReflectionFactory for the declaration and scope provided. This factory will produce reflective objects of the appropriate kind. Classes produced will be those that would be loaded by the defining class loader of the declaration d (if d is a type declaration, or by the defining loader of the declaring class of d otherwise.

    Type variables will be created or lookup as necessary in the scope s.

 public Type makeArrayType(Type componentType) 
 public Type makeBool() 
 public Type makeByte() 
 public Type makeChar() 
 public Type makeDouble() 
 public Type makeFloat() 
 public Type makeInt() 
 public Type makeLong() 
 public Type makeNamedType(String name) 
 public ParameterizedType makeParameterizedType(Type declaration,
    Type[] typeArgs,
    Type owner) 
 public Type makeShort() 
 public TypeVariable<?> makeTypeVariable(String name,
    FieldTypeSignature[] bounds) 
 public Type makeVoid() 
 public WildcardType makeWildcard(FieldTypeSignature[] ubs,
    FieldTypeSignature[] lbs)