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abstract public class: AbstractRepository [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ConstructorRepository, FieldRepository, GenericDeclRepository, MethodRepository, ClassRepository

Abstract superclass for representing the generic type information for a reflective entity. The code is not dependent on a particular reflective implementation. It is designed to be used unchanged by at least core reflection and JDI.
 protected AbstractRepository(String rawSig,
    GenericsFactory f) 
    Constructor. Should only be used by subclasses. Concrete subclasses should make their constructors private and provide public factory methods.
    rawSig - - the generic signature of the reflective object that this repository is servicing
    f - - a factory that will provide instances of reflective objects when this repository converts its AST
Method from sun.reflect.generics.repository.AbstractRepository Summary:
getReifier,   getTree,   parse
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Method from sun.reflect.generics.repository.AbstractRepository Detail:
 protected Reifier getReifier() 
    Returns a Reifier used to convert parts of the AST into reflective objects.
 protected T getTree() 
    Accessor for tree.
 abstract protected T parse(String s)
    Returns the AST for the genric type info of this entity.