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public class: HostnameChecker [javadoc | source]
Class to check hostnames against the names specified in a certificate as required for TLS and LDAP.
Field Summary
public static final  byte TYPE_TLS     
public static final  byte TYPE_LDAP     
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getInstance,   getServerName,   getSubjectX500Name,   match,   match
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Method from sun.security.util.HostnameChecker Detail:
 public static HostnameChecker getInstance(byte checkType) 
    Get a HostnameChecker instance. checkType should be one of the TYPE_* constants defined in this class.
 public static String getServerName(Principal principal) 
    Return the Server name from Kerberos principal.
 public static X500Name getSubjectX500Name(X509Certificate cert) throws CertificateParsingException 
    Return the subject of a certificate as X500Name, by reparsing if necessary. X500Name should only be used if access to name components is required, in other cases X500Principal is to be prefered. This method is currently used from within JSSE, do not remove.
 public  void match(String expectedName,
    X509Certificate cert) throws CertificateException 
    Perform the check.
 public static boolean match(String expectedName,
    Principal principal) 
    Perform the check for Kerberos.