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public class: PrintingStatus [javadoc | source]
The {@code PrintingStatus} provides a dialog that displays progress of the printing job and provides a way to abort it

Methods of these class are thread safe, although most Swing methods are not. Please see How to Use Threads for more information.

 protected PrintingStatus(Component parent,
    PrinterJob job) 
Method from sun.swing.PrintingStatus Summary:
createNotificationPrintable,   createPrintingStatus,   dispose,   getInt,   isAborted,   showModal
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Method from sun.swing.PrintingStatus Detail:
 public Printable createNotificationPrintable(Printable printable) 
    Returns printable which is used to track the current page being printed in this PrintingStatus
 public static PrintingStatus createPrintingStatus(Component parent,
    PrinterJob job) 
    Creates PrintingStatus instance
 public  void dispose() 
    Disposes modal PrintingStatus dialog
 static int getInt(Object key,
    int defaultValue) 
    Duplicated from UIManager to make it visible
 public boolean isAborted() 
    Returns whether the printng was aborted using this PrintingStatus
 public  void showModal(boolean isModal) 
    Shows PrintingStatus dialog. if dialog is modal this method returns only after dispose() was called otherwise returns immediately