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public interface: SwingAccessor.JTextComponentAccessor [javadoc | source] An accessor for the JTextComponent class. Note that we intentionally introduce the JTextComponentAccessor, and not the JComponentAccessor because the needed methods aren't override methods.
Method from sun.swing.SwingAccessor$JTextComponentAccessor Summary:
dropLocationForPoint,   setDropLocation
Method from sun.swing.SwingAccessor$JTextComponentAccessor Detail:
 public DropLocation dropLocationForPoint(JTextComponent textComp,
    Point p)
    Calculates a custom drop location for the text component, representing where a drop at the given point should insert data.
 public Object setDropLocation(JTextComponent textComp,
    DropLocation location,
    Object state,
    boolean forDrop)
    Called to set or clear the drop location during a DnD operation.