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public final class: SwingAccessor [javadoc | source]
The SwingAccessor utility class. The main purpose of this class is to enable accessing private and package-private fields of classes from different classes/packages. See sun.misc.SharedSecretes for another example.
Nested Class Summary:
public interface  SwingAccessor.JTextComponentAccessor  An accessor for the JTextComponent class. Note that we intentionally introduce the JTextComponentAccessor, and not the JComponentAccessor because the needed methods aren't override methods. 
Method from sun.swing.SwingAccessor Summary:
getJTextComponentAccessor,   setJTextComponentAccessor
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Method from sun.swing.SwingAccessor Detail:
 public static JTextComponentAccessor getJTextComponentAccessor() 
    Retrieve the accessor object for the javax.swing.text.JTextComponent class.
 public static  void setJTextComponentAccessor(JTextComponentAccessor jtca) 
    Set an accessor object for the javax.swing.text.JTextComponent class.