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static class: SwingUtilities2.LSBCacheEntry [javadoc | source]
LSBCacheEntry is used to cache the left side bearing (lsb) for a particular Font and FontRenderContext. This only caches characters that fall in the range MIN_CHAR_INDEX to MAX_CHAR_INDEX.
 public LSBCacheEntry(FontRenderContext frc,
    Font font) 
Method from sun.swing.SwingUtilities2$LSBCacheEntry Summary:
equals,   getLeftSideBearing,   hashCode,   reset
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Method from sun.swing.SwingUtilities2$LSBCacheEntry Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object entry) 
 public int getLeftSideBearing(char aChar) 
 public int hashCode() 
 public  void reset(FontRenderContext frc,
    Font font)