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public class: SolarisVirtualMachine [javadoc | source]
 SolarisVirtualMachine(AttachProvider provider,
    String vmid) throws AttachNotSupportedException, IOException 
    Attaches to the target VM
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checkPermissions,   close,   detach,   enqueue,   execute,   open,   read,   sigquit
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Method from Detail:
 static native  void checkPermissions(String path) throws IOException
 static native  void close(int fd) throws IOException
 public  void detach() throws IOException 
    Detach from the target VM
 static native int enqueue(int fd,
    String cmd,
    Object args) throws IOException
 InputStream execute(String cmd,
    Object args) throws AgentLoadException, IOException 
    Execute the given command in the target VM.
 static native int open(String path) throws IOException
 static native int read(int fd,
    byte[] buf,
    int off,
    int buflen) throws IOException
 static native  void sigquit(int pid) throws IOException