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public final class: LocaleUtils [javadoc | source]
Collection of static utility methods for Locale support. The methods which manipulate characters or strings support ASCII only.
Method from sun.util.locale.LocaleUtils Summary:
caseIgnoreCompare,   caseIgnoreMatch,   isAlpha,   isAlphaNumeric,   isAlphaNumericString,   isAlphaString,   isEmpty,   isEmpty,   isEmpty,   isEmpty,   isNumeric,   isNumericString,   toLower,   toLowerString,   toTitleString,   toUpper,   toUpperString
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Method from sun.util.locale.LocaleUtils Detail:
 static int caseIgnoreCompare(String s1,
    String s2) 
 public static boolean caseIgnoreMatch(String s1,
    String s2) 
    Compares two ASCII Strings s1 and s2, ignoring case.
 static boolean isAlpha(char c) 
 static boolean isAlphaNumeric(char c) 
 static boolean isAlphaNumericString(String s) 
 static boolean isAlphaString(String s) 
 static boolean isEmpty(String str) 
 static boolean isEmpty(Set<?> set) 
 static boolean isEmpty(Map<?, ?> map) 
 static boolean isEmpty(List<?> list) 
 static boolean isNumeric(char c) 
 static boolean isNumericString(String s) 
 static char toLower(char c) 
 public static String toLowerString(String s) 
    Converts the given ASCII String to lower-case.
 static String toTitleString(String s) 
 static char toUpper(char c) 
 static String toUpperString(String s)