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abstract public class: OpenListResourceBundle [javadoc | source]
Subclass of ResourceBundle which mimics ListResourceBundle, but provides more hooks for specialized subclass behavior. For general description, see java.util.ListResourceBundle .

This class leaves handleGetObject non-final, and adds a method createMap which allows subclasses to use specialized Map implementations.
Fields inherited from java.util.ResourceBundle:
parent,  $assertionsDisabled
 protected OpenListResourceBundle() 
Method from sun.util.resources.OpenListResourceBundle Summary:
createMap,   getContents,   getKeys,   getParent,   handleGetKeys,   handleGetObject,   loadLookupTablesIfNecessary
Methods from java.util.ResourceBundle:
access$200,   clearCache,   clearCache,   containsKey,   getBundle,   getBundle,   getBundle,   getBundle,   getBundle,   getBundle,   getKeys,   getLocale,   getObject,   getString,   getStringArray,   handleGetObject,   handleKeySet,   keySet,   setParent
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Method from sun.util.resources.OpenListResourceBundle Detail:
 protected Map createMap(int size) 
    Lets subclasses provide specialized Map implementations. Default uses HashMap.
 abstract protected Object[][] getContents()
    See ListResourceBundle class description.
 public Enumeration<String> getKeys() 
    Implementation of ResourceBundle.getKeys.
 public OpenListResourceBundle getParent() 
    Returns the parent bundle
 public Set<String> handleGetKeys() 
    Returns a set of keys provided in this resource bundle
 public Object handleGetObject(String key) 
  void loadLookupTablesIfNecessary() 
    Load lookup tables if they haven't been loaded already.