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2   package docs;
4   /**
5   Why have I chosen to write this project in Java?. 
7   <p><strong>Why Java?</strong>: In chosing a language for any project there will
8   always be some trade-offs. Java has big plus points in three areas:
10  <ul>
11    <li><strong>Trendyness</strong>: 
12      Being trendy means that there are XML libraries, Script libraries, etc for 
13      it far earlier than anything else, and the implementations of these are 
14      better than anywhere else. C and C++ compete, languages like VB and Delphi 
15      are not even close.
16    <li><strong>Portability</strong>: 
17      Java is close to being automatically portable between systems, and the 
18      effort to get 100% portability is low. C and C++ require a lot of effort to 
19      make portable. VB and Delphi are not even close.
20    <li><strong>Ease of Use</strong>: 
21      Java is a very easy to use language - it encourages good programming style. 
22      Delphi is as good, VB and C++ can be as good, but it is not automatic - you 
23      can make a real mess in either very easily.</li>
24  </ul>
26  <p>The bad news is that Java falls down in a number of 
27  areas:
29  <ul>
30    <li><strong>Performance</strong>: 
31      C and C++ are faster than Delphi and VB, and Java is probably a close last. 
32      I don't see this as a huge problem. Computers are for ever getting faster. 
33      When was the last time your Pentium II, was seriously CPU locked? Pentium II 
34      sound too up to date? By the end of the year when I hope this project will 
35      be doing useful stuff you will probably not be able to by them any more they 
36      will be so out of date. Yes, people have old 486s. There are other Bible 
37      programs in appealing to yesterdays technology.
38    <li><strong>GUI Creation</strong>: 
39      Both VB and Delphi do drag and drop GUI building better. That is not to say 
40      Java GUIs are less functional - on the contrary, show me a multiple look and 
41      feel GUI in VB or Delphi, just that it is harder work getting there.</li>
42  </ul>
44  <p>Prof. Moore told us a long time ago that the computing world advances quite
45  quickly, and it is surprising how quickly some people forget it.</p>
47  <i><p align="center">
48      Writing a new OS only for the 386 in 1991
49      gets you your second 'F' for this term.</p>
50  <p align="right">
51      - Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum (author of Minix),
52      to the student Linus Torvalds (author of Linux)
53  </p></i>
55  * 
56  * <table border='1' cellPadding='3' cellSpacing='0' width="100%">
57  * <tr><td bgColor='white'class='TableRowColor'><font size='-7'>
58  * Distribution Licence:<br />
59  * Project B is free software; you can redistribute it
60  * and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
61  * version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.<br />
62  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
63  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
65  * General Public License for more details.<br />
66  * The License is available on the internet
67  * <a href=''>here</a>, by writing to
68  * <i>Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston,
69  * MA 02111-1307, USA</i>, Or locally at the Licence link below.<br />
70  * The copyright to this program is held by it's authors.
71  * </font></td></tr></table>
72  * @see <a href=''>Project B Home</a>
73  * @see docs.Licence
74  * @author Joe Walker
75  */
76  public class Language { }